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Awesome Consultancy Limited offers a complete solution in responsive website designing and software development services.
Our website designing services covers strategic planning, business promotions, creative designs , app development, web based software development ,digital marketing, seo services and e-commerce solutions.
As an IT company we offer easy, fast and secure solutions to bring out full potential of web services, software development and SEO services in order to improve your business processes and achieve your target.

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Awesome Consultancy Limited

ASIS- Awesome School Infomation System

ASis - Awesome school information system

Manage student life cycle from pre-admissions to graduation. Improve accuracy of your student data, and ensure ready availability of data to the right staff, all the while being absolutely certain that your student records are absolutely secure. Allow teachers to quickly identify a student’s problem areas and provide them with necessary guidance to improve.

ASas - Awesome Standard Accounts System

Transform the most cumbersome aspects of managing an educational institutes finances into an effortless operation. All the features you need to not only expedite student fee collection, but also deliver an improved experience to students & parents

Awesome Consultancy Limited

ASAS- Awesome Standard Accounts Software

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