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Imagine a situation in which the world would be in without having Amazon, Ebay, and other business platforms and websites that are remote right now!

Imagine a situation during the lockdown that your business would be in where you are not in a position to open shops and sell physically and as well make physical advertisements about your brand and company to the community!

I mean most of the services that were provided to different individuals during the pandemic were online for example, studies, shops to mention a few of them.

Not the world was kept alive and moving due to the availability of websites, big up to the websites, why? Because we were not really left in total anguish, we had an angle to survive and keep alive due to the presence of websites.

You realised that most activities were being done remotely or in simple terms they were being done online basically with the aid of websites, and this also called for an awakening of most of the websites (return to active duty) and some were actually elevated.

Why bring all this to your attention, looking down to the evolution of technology most things have gone digital and are  being remotely handled all this rounds up to the point of how websites have become very important in our day to today living.

So, I wanted to highlight  to you a few insights before diving in deep and looking at some of the benefits of websites and how having a website is very crucial today in our modern world which has turned into a global village.

To begin with Creation Of Awareness to the community (ease of communication). Taking a standpoint on companies, through advertisements on websites many companies that were locally known have come to even be known in far to reach areas even without them extending any physical acknowledgment to these areas. 

Looking at movements that are going on in the world nowadays for example youth movements, most of the messages and important information concerning such movements and updates on how they are fairing up are being done through websites, this brings me to the point that most youth are going digital not like in the olden days where they could call up for a gathering and convey the information.

Considering the pandemic, sensitizations on protective measures were at all-time done through websites since no one was in a position to step out of their homes 

But you find out that this information and measures were in a position to be conveyed to the community with ease only by websites.

Online presence (24/7): as humans, we are never in a position to stay up all the time, but we always want to make sure any kind of activities that we are doing never stop, it should always keep running no matter what time it is always and there is no other way we can do that other than websites, they literally provide us with the opportunity to keep our businesses always active and running. In the same way, people will always be in a position to find and access you at any time, as we said early on the world has become a global village and the greater percentage of the people living in it are able to access the internet. So this points out how crucial a website is to us, it literally replaces you in your absence and part of your activity can be accessed at any time.

For firms well their services will be conducted and as well accessed at any time of the day, which won’t drive away clients with the excuse that this company is never available. Websites become a big deal in this case.

Credibility: How 🤔? You might be questioning yourself, how is this even possible to create trust and confidence by just seeing and browsing through a website, are you referring us to some fantasy or what?

I know a lot pops in mind when we talk about credibility and being the fact of having trust or fidelity in something. Back to websites, how can a website be in position to promote trust and confidence, taking an example of a company as always, most common and sturdy reputable companies are highly expected to have some kind of online presence that we talked about earlier on as one of the importance of having a website; clients would be distrusting of any company which does not have a number or any kind of physical contact at all, websites acts as bridges to this distrust in that it’s like bringing something  to light and anyone who brings things to the light to a greater percentage that particular thing is considered as good. So as per this most of the websites are of a great advantage if at all you want to gain trust as a company from your clients.

And once you gain trust of course  it comes with its benefits and now you will see that it’s double gain for you 👍, investments will flow in, even more purchase of shares. Of Course there is a lot to say about credibility here but let’s end there for the moment 

Positive impression: not looking so far away taking resumes as  reference; in case you are applying for a job in a company as a sales manager, websites being in your resume is enough to show your robustness and you will always have an upper hand compared to your competitors. It will basically show that you are informed and also available all the time, 

The 24/7 availability that we talked about earlier on.

For companies websites show the masculinity of that particular company, just having a site shows that the company is bigger and successful and you will lead to building of trust and fidelity, credibility that we hit on some time back.

Saves Time and resources: wait ! yes I said it’s time-saving, in the world now what all individuals are aiming at is saving time and being more productive with the little time that we have or allocate to  a particular activity, and with programmers, you always want to really maximize your time that you have for a particular project possibly because maybe you have others that are pending

How does this work with websites?  My baseline still being enterprises and here when we look at advertisement as a necessary factor for an enterprise, it would be time saving when you advertise your brand on a website than physical advertisement and this will as well reach even to the people who are far away (efficiency) and it will act as an outreach agent to all.

In the same way you will not need to use a lot of resources in order to do your advertisement compared to when you do it physically which will not actually be efficient and will be of course a great deal of money that you will have to invest in. 


Study platforms: 

Almost all schools were closed during the pandemic (covid-19) outbreak in the year 2019 and with great evidence, most schools had to improvise in order not to be dormant and have a dead year for their students and all that intervened was creating study websites. And first, it was that easy because some schools had no ideas on how they were going to implement this, assume for the case where if they had one already running it would just be a matter of incorporating a few things and all would be set. That is a very good sign of having a website because most entities that had sites already didn’t have to really suffer so much, all they did was to adjust a few things here and there: 

Not forgetting that these days most programmers learn on their own and through online study platforms and so for schools that have learning sites are already benefiting and extending their services remotely to those in need. 

And that is the reason as to why I strongly advise individuals and above all the entities and enterprises that are coming up and those that are already established to at least have a website or more, it would really be of great importance like for the case that we just saw during the pandemic and it will always keep you ready and set for any circumstances that are to come.

Guest Written By: Andrew Ochan